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You’re Great! Now Make Sure Everyone Knows It.

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Let’s talk testimonials and reviews.

You know your business is great. Customers have told you your business is great. Whether it’s the great prices, customer service, or unique products/services you offer, people love you. But how do you let new customers know just how great you are?

For many businesses, word of mouth is a large driving factor for revenue. You tend to believe referrals from family and friends, right? And when you don’t have those referrals (or testimonials) from people you know and trust, what do you do? Check out the reviews, of course.

Tips for Using Testimonials & Reviews

The best way to showcase positive word of mouth for your business is by including customer testimonials on your website.

Sometimes, a whole page can be devoted to testimonials. Other times, a few rotating testimonials will work. Regardless of what you’re selling, people will actually read those testimonials, especially if they’re considering buying from you.

You really can’t go wrong including praise from previous customers, for future customers to see.

Be Good at What You Do

The best way to get the testimonials you want on your site is to be great at what you do.

Take a shoe salesman for example. Instead of focusing on selling the most shoes that he can, the shoe salesman should focus on helping the most number of people get the shoe that’s right for them. Then, you won’t get a testimonial based on how well you sold a product or service, but on how well you helped.

At the end of the day, your customers are people just like you and me, and what they want is a good product/service that was sold to them by someone likable whose genuine desire was to help them.

Ask for Them

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for testimonials and reviews. We love unprompted praise, and that’s always ideal, but it’s okay to ask a customer how your performance was, too.

If it was stellar, then great! That means you’ve got a good testimonial to use.

If it was unimpressive or bad, then at least you know what you need to work on.

Arranging Testimonials & Reviews

Once in a while, you get a testimonial that’s so good, you want everyone to see it. In fact, it may be the only one you want people to see! But since testimonials don’t work like that (that is, they don’t seem sincere if that’s the way you handle them), it’s totally fine to feature your best testimonials first.

Actually, it’s encouraged.

You can also embed a feed from Google that shows reviews of your business that will update over time as people add new ones. There’s a host of other sources you can pull a “feed” from, too, that will keep the testimonials and reviews on your site up-to-date and current. You just have to know where to look.

Put Yourself Out There!

Don’t be afraid to tell the world how great your business is. Maybe you need a brand-new website, or maybe your old one just needs some testimonials added to it. Whatever the case, we can help

P.S. Any comments made below may be used to tell the world how great we are. 😉

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