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You're Great. . . Make Sure Everyone Knows it.

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You know your business is great. Clients have told you your business is great. Whether it be the great prices, customer service, or unique products you offer, people love you. But how do you let new clients know just how great you are. For many businesses word of mouth is a large driving factor for revenue. The best way to drive that same stream on your website, is by including testimonials.
Testimonials are a great way to include endorsements from previous clients on your website. Sometimes a whole page can be devoted to them, if your business is geared toward a service provided. Sometimes maybe just a sidebar graphic with a couple of choice reviews will suffice. Whatever is right for your business you usually can’t go wrong including praise from previous customers, for future ones to see.
The best way to get the testimonials you want on your site, is first of all be great at what you do. If for example you sell shoes for a living, instead of focusing on selling the most shoes that you can, focus on helping the most number of people get the shoe that is right for them. Then instead of getting a testimonial based on how well you sold a product or service, you’ll get on on well you helped.
Don’t be afraid to ask clients for testimonials. We love receiving unasked for praise, but sometimes it is okay to ask a client how your performance was. If it was stellar, then great that would be a good testimonial, if it was less than fantastic, now you know what you need to work on. It is also quite all right to feature testimonials that you know matter the most, first. It is great to get feedback that you can use on your website from specialists in the area that you cater to.
There are also other options to get testimonials on your site. Perhaps its a google places rating, that you’d like put on your site. We can get a feed from google to show reviews of your business that will update as people add new ones. There are numerous other sources that we can pull a “feed” from that will keep the testimonials and reviews on your site up to date and current.
Don’t be afraid to tell the world how great your business is. Maybe you need a brand new website, or maybe your old one just needs some testimonials added to it. . .Whatever the case, Design Extensions would like to help with that. ***And just to note, any blog comments made below, may be used to tell the world how great we are.

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