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Stripling’s General Store has been offering a taste of the South to customers all over the country for over 50 years.

Famous gourmet sausage, speciality meats, tasty snacks and a variety of authentic specialites have made them a successfully established brand for decades. Stripling’s was experiencing steady growth by the time they partnered with us. The family-owned business already had the amazing products and genuine customer service in place for a very successful business, but they still needed to bring their brand into the modern age. Stripling’s partnered with DE for a new website, fresh branding and effective marketing services powerful enough to sustain and maximize their growth.

The website needed to be completely responsive and feature new content that reflected their genuine Southern charm.

DE also overhauled the online store and cut down page load time to allow customers to seamlessly find product and choose their favorite products for delivery. Access to Stripling’s was made more convenient than ever, leading to reduced bounce rates, improved conversion rates and increased revenue. The team created a store locator module to allow users to locate each store with Google Maps and see individual store info. It also features a custom recipe module with WordPress blog integration so the client can easily upload new recipes.

The Process

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Custom Video Production

We want our food to be apart of your experience as a family.

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