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Mingledorff’s is the leading distributor of HVAC & plumbing equipment throughout the southeast.

They are a trusted and preferred resource for all HVAC and plumbing needs, providing products and solutions to help contractors be successful in their industry.

Why They Came to Us

Their old software systems got the job done for a time, but they were left with many gaps and frustrations.
They needed to streamline their processes into one system for ease of access, create a platform that was user-friendly to make tracking goals and professional development simple, and clearly define permissions so all users knew what they had access to and what they could accomplish.

What our Client is Saying

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John Doe
Owner | Mingledorff’s

What We Did

We walked them through our ​Blueprint process,​ and in tandem with the Mingledorff’s team, we outlined their specific business needs and created a custom internal review system that:

The Results

Our team designed and built a custom web application that would help them create accountability around goals, set objectives, further professional development within their teams, and house an employee reward system. This application also pulls data from their payroll software and helps to streamline managerial processes.

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