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Web Design & Development

The Comedy Zone is a local club in Jacksonville known for their fun atmosphere, drinks and, most importantly, amazing live comedy acts. From local comedians to the biggest names in the business, customers have been visiting the Comedy Zone for entertainment for over 20 years. They came to Design Extensions initially because they lacked an effective online presence and needed a more engaging, modern website.

  • Linked the website to a 3rd party ticketing system to streamline the ticket purchasing process.

  • Built a way for 3rd party to integrate with Google analytics so we could get measurable data.

  • Created targeted ad campaigns with Google AdWords to increase customer base, revenue and online reach.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign with SEO

After finishing the website, DE advised that while the new site would improve the Comedy Zone's online appeal, they would still need an effective way to advertise and reach their target audience. With the saturation of entertainment in Jacksonville, the Comedy Zone needed a way to stand out from its competitors. Due to ever-changing lineups and seasonal ebbs and flows, they required a consistent online strategy to keep sales up. De's marketing team coordinated a new paid search campaign, targeting Google search traffic. The goal was to own the search results page for their branded keywords and expose them to people looking for entertainment in Jacksonville.

The Results

More than a year of positive results and measurable stats convinced The Comedy Zone that our services were paying off. Their PPC campaign yielded a 14x return on investment, leading to an increased budget. They have expanded their services with us to include increased marketing, pay-per-click search, SEO support and more.

new Facebook Likes in 2017
Conversion rate INCREASE
The bottom line is...
in PPC Spend
in New Sales

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