Why Your Business’s Web Design Matters

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Title: Why Your Business's Web Design Matters

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To a certain degree, your website is like an online dating account. 

People are either going to be turned on or turned off by what they see.

Now, here’s the problem. With people seeing so many faces every day… it’s gotta be love at first sight!

For your business, that means it’s all up to your web design. (If you don’t have a website yet… it’s 2020! You need to get one.)

So why does your business web design matter so much?

The answer is simple! A web design automatically answers three huge questions that your prospective customer is trying to find the answers to:

  1. Is this love at first sight?
  2. Can I trust you?


  1. Will you love me back?

So, keeping with the dating profile metaphor, think about your website as a profile and your prospective customer as a soulmate. 

Is this love at first sight? 

When your soulmate visits your profile, they get an immediate answer to this question. For most businesses, it’s a disappointing “NOPE.”

And even if they’re like, “Hmmm… well it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen…” then you just went from “Marry me now!” to some potential interest that’s just going to fizzle out two weeks from now. 

Can I trust you?

If I go on your business’s website right now, I want to know that you can give me what I want. 

In other words, do you have your s#!t together?

I’m moving in and I want to know that we can build a great life together. We’re gonna have kids. We’re gonna have grandkids. Can I trust you? 

Simply having good web design automatically answers this question for people. You don’t need to put on your website header: “You can trust us.” No. That doesn’t make you trustworthy at all. 

When a website has good business web design, you know right away and naturally feel like, “Yes. I can trust you.”

And lastly, will you love me back?

Now… I’m about to give you all my money. Will I get what I want

When I look at your website, I want to see some effort. Is this site designed for me? Is it easy to use? Does it tell me exactly what I want to know? When your customer sees the effort that you’re putting into your site, they’ll know that you want them… and they’ll want you, too. 

If you’re reading this right now and thinking, “My website needs some work,” then you’re not alone. Many business owners know they need a website; they just don’t know what exactly it should look like and sound like to bring in customers. 

Your Customers Are Waiting for Your Good Business Web Design

Now you know what you need to do — and why. So go show some love! Create a website people can’t help but love, visit, and engage with. Design your site with the customer in mind. Give them what they want. And the first thing they want to see is good business web design.

Need help getting there? We’re just a click away. We’ll talk to you soon! 

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