Why Small Businesses Have an Advantage in Business Web Design

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It’s natural to assume, when it comes to Internet marketing and business web design, that larger companies have a big advantage over smaller ones. After all, they have the budgets, mailing lists, and staff to handle any challenge… so that means they should have an easier time winning customers, doesn’t it?

That’s partly true, but small companies actually have an important advantage on their side – one that can be even more decisive: Most tiny businesses and self-employed professionals see (or least talk to) some of their customers every day. The bigger companies all have customers, as well, but most decision-makers and executives don’t interact with buyers on a regular basis.

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That means smaller businesses can gather important information, such as:

Who their customers actually are. As simple as it sounds, lots of bigger companies don’t actually know – in a specific sense – who buys their products and services. In fact, they spend millions on focus groups just to find out. Smaller companies don’t have that challenge, and can pinpoint their perfect customers more directly, making their marketing more efficient.

Why buyers come to them, instead of the competition. In order to be successful in online marketing, it helps to know why your customers buy in general, and why they buy from you specifically. Again, this can be a challenge in large organizations, where several levels of sales and marketing are engaged at once. In a small business, though, it’s easy to distill it down to the main marketing messages.

How the customers’ needs are changing. This is a huge advantage, since it often takes a big company months or years to change gears and directions, whereas a business owner or self-employed person can switch gears in a few days. The faster you can adapt to your customers’ changing needs, the easier it is to get out in front of your larger competitors.

How do these advantages play out in business web design and online marketing? That’s easy – savvy owners add pages, blog posts, social media specials, and more to reflect the personal nature of their relationships, their understanding of the market, and their perspective on where the industry is headed.

When it comes down to it, smaller businesses tend to be more agile, and more informed. Now is the perfect time to talk with a member of our team and see how we can help you make the most of those advantages in your next business website.

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