Why Facebook Should NOT Be Your Website

Facebook is great. We waste a ton of time on there like the rest of you — scrolling through endless images, comments, and videos.

There has been a growing trend among small businesses, especially those with a physical location to make Facebook their ONLY website.

Companies are starting to use Facebook as their primary place of storing all information about their company on the internet.

The temptation for this is great — and the value can be deceiving. After all, Facebook is free, it’s easy to share with a bunch of people, and quick to update.

The pitfalls of this strategy are not for the faint of heart, however.

By making Facebook your only website, you’re putting all of the control in their hands. You could be totally happy with the layout, and they could change it on a whim. They could also change the address of your page, start charging for it or limit exposure whenever they want. They can do this because it’s free, and they own it.

One of the best things about building your website is that YOU OWN IT, and you can do whatever you’d like to the site. Don’t let your company be bound by Facebook’s rules and plans.

While every business should have a Facebook page, that page should NOT be a complete substitute for their website.

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