What’s next is never easy.

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What’s next is never easy

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Figuring out what’s next is never easy.

Do you try to grow or stay steady?
Do you hire or fire?
Do you follow the latest trends or stay with classic ideas?
Do you zig or zag?

What’s next is the question that haunts every entrepreneur. I’d like to tell you that after 15 years in business it gets better, but it doesn’t. It gets different, the questions change, but they can still be haunting.

The best advice I can give when you have big decisions to make about the business looks something like this.

1) Pray  —
For me, asking for guidance, and wisdom, and direction from the Almighty is invaluable. (Wait, this is a business blog post, am I allowed to post something like that?)

2) Consult your Spouse
Yes, even if they don’t “work” with you. Over the years, my wife has and continues to be my greatest sounding board, advisor, and consultant. She has women’s intuition and an outside view of the business that I don’t have. Her advice is priceless to me.

The worst decisions are often the ones we make too quickly. Take your time to carefully evaluate big decisions. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to decide, but you probably don’t need to do it RIGHT NOW. Sleep on it, go for a run, get a shower, whatever it takes for you to think through SLOWLY.

4) Act with Grace —
Especially when decisions involve people (which they usually do), act with grace. Be reminded that you are dealing with people, sometimes people just like you and sometimes people totally different, but they are people non-the-less and deserve respect and grace in all situations.

5) Keep things in Perspective —
No matter how important the decision is that you have to make, the sun will likely continue to rise tomorrow regardless of what you decide. The truth is, most of the decisions we make are just not as important as we think they are. So breath, pray, consult, act slowly and with grace, and usually things will work out in the end.

When it comes to technology, things are constantly changing and deciding what’s next can be hard. Our job is to help our customers through this process in design, web site, and development services that look to what’s next in any specific industry.

If we can help, give us a shout, we’d love to be involved in whatever you have next.

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