Welcome to DE, Toni & Megan!

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Design Extensions is excited to welcome two new additions to our team!

Toni will be joining our Design team and Megan will be a part of our Marketing team. Both are going into their senior year of college and doing 8-week internships over the summer. Our staff is happy to have the extra hands on deck to help out with tasks and free up some time for other important client work.

Since she was very young, Toni has always had an interest in art and design. When other kids dreamed of being astronauts or professional athletes, she knew her passion was for the arts. She applied for the internship to express her creativity and originality through graphic and web design at DE. Toni is excited to work with our talented designers and learning many new skills during her time here. The Palm Beach, FL native currently attends the University of North Florida and looks forward to helping our team produce high-quality work for all our clients this summer.

Megan’s passion for marketing has grown throughout the years. She enjoys creating presentations for class, leading advertising campaign projects, and doing social media work for clubs she is active in on campus. Megan will be helping DE with a variety of marketing support, including social media, strategy, client communication, and much more. She’ll be learning a lot of new things, and looks to apply the knowledge and skills learned at DE to her future. She currently plays softball for the University of St. Augustine, where she strives to finish up her degree and pursue a career in marketing or advertising.

Make sure to check out their new bio pages on our website!

We feel we have two great additions to the team, and look forward to creating work that is more polished than ever before.


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