Welcome to the Team, Sara!

DE just hired another awesome new team member! We’re excited to welcome Sara Schleicher, our new Digital Content Strategist, to Design Extensions. She’ll be creating and distributing content across multiple platforms to help reach more people and increase conversion rates for our clients. She will also help develop long-term content strategies and build unique plans around our clients’ goals.

Sara grew up calling multiple Caribbean countries home before moving to Texas and attending LeTourneau University there. While attending college, she quickly found out she had a knack for writing for the web. She knew she wanted to work somewhere she could put her love of both the web and writing to good use. After moving to St. Augustine with her husband, she landed a job at DE, where her talents will make a big improvement to the team.

She looks forward to helping DE tell our clients’ stories and establishing valuable connections with other organizations. When she’s not writing for us, you can find her testing crazy recipes in her kitchen, playing video games, and annoying her siamese cat, Ollie.

Check out her bio page!

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