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Welcome to the Team, Ali!

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Blog Ali

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Meet our new Marketing Assistant, Ali Guy! Ali came down to Florida after she graduated from the University of South Carolina, where she majored in advertising and minored in hospitality. She’ll be helping our team with all things marketing, including: assisting with strategy, planning, execution, & reporting of marketing partnerships, meeting with clients to gather content, scheduling/planning social media campaigns, and more.

Ali has always loved communicating, interacting and establishing relationships with other people. These qualities made her a perfect fit for this role, where she will often be working face to face with clients. She’s passionate about making things happen for businesses, and looks forward to helping our team think of new, inventive marketing strategies. Outside of the office, you can find Ali near a body of water, doing Crossfit or relaxing with her family and friends.

We’re excited to have Ali on the team to help us expand our clients’ businesses and maximize their growth!

View her bio here.

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