Welcome to DE, Anna!

We’re excited to welcome our new intern to the team for the summer…

Anna is going into her senior year at Creekside High School, and is currently a part of the Academy of Emerging Technology there. She and some of the other students from the academy took a quick tour of our office and listened to a talk by Jay last year. Interested in eventually pursuing a career in our industry, she applied for the internship and started working with us in June.

Anna has always had a passion for art, animation and digital media. Throughout her internship, she will be helping our current staff with all kinds of tasks in multiple departments. With experience in digital media skills such as graphic design, photography and video production, she will be a bit of a “jack of all trades.” She looks forward to learning many new skills along the way.

Anna is a military brat who loves photography, reading and music. We’re happy that we can provide this experience for her to use her talents and passions in a real world setting.

Check out Anna’s new bio page on our website here.

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