Welcome to the Team, Chris!

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We are excited to introduce the newest addition to the DE team, Chris Wright. Chris will be helping with website development and maintenance, as well as creating web applications that many of our clients use every day. He will also deal with a lot of troubleshooting and debugging on the back end, allowing us to provide even better service. 

Chris’s skill set is a great fit for the team. He started his professional career in marketing, and decided to pursue web development after working on his previous company’s websites and applications. Chris is excited by the ability to make ideas come to life on a digital platform, and looks to use his versatile skillset to master a multitude of programs and applications. When he’s not delving into code you can find him at a Jags game, catching some sun at the beach, or working on his car (which is definitely slower than Casey’s).

View his bio here.

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