Web Design Trends to Consider in 2017

As we move forward into 2017, people are figuring out new strategies to reach their customers more effectively every day. This means there is even more competition for consumer attention in today’s world. So, how do you overcome a saturated market? It starts with setting yourself apart from the average competitor. Often, your website will be the first side of your company that people see. One way to wow potential customers is to have a website that’s creative, unique, responsive, and easy to use. Below are some great web design trends in 2017.



Is your website easily navigable? Prominent buttons, a simple menu and useful links can help people get around your site easily, and find what they’re looking for more quickly. It’s also wise not to overwhelm your pages with too much content. Too many buttons or text boxes could confuse visitors and make them choose another option. The website should also be mobile-friendly. This means that it loads quickly, scrolls naturally and looks neat on a mobile device. Mobile-responsiveness has become one of the most important aspects of any website because the number of mobile searches per day officially passed the number of searches on desktops and PCs. Google is even basing its results on the mobile version of a website. As a result, marketing to mobile users is an absolute must in 2017.



Something as simple as font may not seem too important. However, choosing the right font, size, color and spacing are all essential when building a web page. Pictures are obviously vital aspects of a page, but carefully placed words in an attractive or eye-catching style can do just as much to grab a visitor’s attention. When delivering longer blocks of written content, use a typeface that is easy to read, such as Arial or Verdana. When placing more concise, important text, such as a mission statement or a short quote, you can get a little more creative. Fonts that are cursive, bold, cartoonish, etc. can all accomplish different things depending on your message.



Sometimes, less is more. It’s important to use space to your advantage when building a web page. Don’t overload the viewer. Create enough space between your images and text to allow the viewer to process all the information and take in all that you have to offer. If you’re trying to draw attention to a button, link or quote, one strategy is to surround the content with blank space. This will point readers in the direction of the desired text and emphasize its importance.


Useful Content

These days, people are moving a mile a minute. When they are searching online, your website only has a few seconds to keep their attention and make them choose your product or service. Your content should always serve a purpose. Eliminate any “fluff” that doesn’t get to the point. Use keyword-rich text to rank higher on search engines by including words and phrases likely to be used in relevant searches (see more on keywords and SEO here).



Color scheme is another important aspect of appealing design. Some brands choose to go with bright, vibrant colors. Others choose a rustic, natural approach with more neutral colors. Your color scheme can say a lot about your company—depending on what services you provide and your target audience. Unique color schemes with high contrast (complementary colors) will grab the attention of your visitors. For our scheme, we chose mostly neutral colors, accented by dashes of gold to highlight important services and features.


Authentic Images and Videos

Putting authentic content on your website is crucial. People want to see that you are an established company that has the means to provide their own unique photos and videos. Even if you have to outsource a photographer or videographer, putting high-quality media on your website can impress potential customers. An attention-grabbing logo, polished graphics, stunning photography and impressive videos will go a long way to put you above the rest.


Keep these tips in mind when you’re thinking about streamlining your website. It’s also important to understand that every company’s needs are different, and some of these rules don’t apply to every case. Sometimes you have to think outside the box. If you need help with your organization’s web content, contact Design Extensions. We know when to  break the rules and when to do it by the book. Design Extensions specializes in web design, branding and marketing. It’s our job to grow your business online through practical strategy and superior design. Get in touch with us to set up a free consultation today.


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