What is UX and Why it Matters for Your Business

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Technology is a constantly evolving thing that has become integral to our everyday lives. Google, Apple, Microsoft—all of these are huge brand names that sell products we use everyday. But what is so special about them? Why do we Google 40,000 search queries every second? (Yes, I had to Google that). Why have over 50 million iPhones been sold this year?

The simple answer is that they’re easy to use.

So, what is UX design and how can it help your business?

There’s a lot of different definitions out there, but Tomer Sharon, Senior UX Researcher at Google, defines User Experience Design (UX) as “the art and science of generating positive emotions through product interactions.” Meaning, UX design is the ability to make people feel good about using a product. Whether you realize it or not, User Experience Design goes into every product we use. It is the driving force behind all of the convenient features they offer their customers.

We can:

  • Order anything from Amazon and have it shipped to us in days by clicking one button.
  • Post the same Instagram picture to all our other social media accounts with ease.
  • Pay for groceries with a wave of our phones with Apple Pay.

So now that we know what it is, why should we care? Easy.

Making it simple for users to do the things you want them to do is a good thing both for them and your business. Consumers will use your product and keep coming back if they know something is not only functional, but easy to use. Engaging your users with good UX design will lead to fulfilled actions, happy customers, referrals and repeat business. As previously mentioned, this is evident in many of the big brand products we use all the time. From a user perspective, tools that are easy to use lead to increased productivity, and we’re all in the business of getting more things accomplished in a day!

Are you ready to improve your user’s experience?

Design Extensions would love to help you craft a great user experience for your customers. We know that every product and user is unique, and we dedicate time to deliver yours in creative ways that are convenient for your customers! Contact us today to see how we can help you grow your business.

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