Top Amazon Selling Apps that Make Selling Your Products Easier

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Top Amazon Selling Apps that Make Selling Your Products Easier

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Selling your products successfully on Amazon and staying ahead of the competition doesn’t have to be difficult — all you need is access to the right Amazon selling apps.

For most sellers, one of the main challenges is finding affordable software that actually works and helps them make higher sales. Worse still, among the plethora that exists in the marketplace, only a handful are able to bring great results. That means you’re likely to spend a lot of time and effort trying to identify the most appropriate ones for your needs.

Are you finding it hard choosing the best Amazon software to use? Relax! We’re about to show you four useful Amazon selling apps that can make all the difference in your e-commerce business. At the end of this guide, you’ll have a tool to help you with:

  • improving product rank on Amazon
  • tracking SEO keywords
  • tracking your sales
  • ensuring you’re providing timely feedback to your customers

Ultimately, selling your products on Amazon will be easier and your business will be much more profitable.

Top 4 Most Useful Amazon Selling Apps


Designed to work inherently on inventory data, CashCowPro helps streamline the sales process by eliminating any blind spots that might slow down your business. The software accurately examines key metrics of the items you’re selling, like:

  • tracking conversions
  • sales numbers
  • page views
  • session data

You can also use CashCowPro to analyze best-performing sellers in your category and decide possible products to shortlist.

Another useful feature of this tool is the ability to automate feedback collection. With this function, it becomes easier to offer timely responses to emails, which improves business-customer rapport. Moreover, CashCowPro can track keywords (albeit with a limit of 100 keywords for every product).

While this software isn’t free, it offers excellent value for money, which is why it’s one of the few apps we recommend for anyone looking to thrive on Amazon.


FeedBackFive has been in the app market for more than a decade, garnering over 40 million positive reviews since launch. The app’s developers have an incredibly deep understanding of the market, going by the excellent support and reputation they’re known for.

Just as the name suggests, this tool tracks feedback from your customers and generates a report periodically. With it, you’re able to examine customer reviews in real-time and control your Amazon listings accordingly.

This is important so you can identify products that are doing well. You can also learn what needs to be improved through those with the highest number of negative reviews. Interestingly, FeedBackFive prioritizes negative feedback, alerting you by email when it is left by a customer so you can react immediately.

As if that’s not enough, you can use this tool to create campaigns when you have upcoming offers and incentives by automating the process of sending promotional emails to potential buyers.


Fashioned to be an all-in-one, fulfillment-by-Amazon solution, this tool handles everything from SEO and inventory to reviews and competitors. Most notably, Sellics helps translate metrics and data that Amazon provides into actionable information. With this, you’re able to not only sell products, but also improve the number of prospects who are converting into customers.

Sellics is offered in two versions: Vendor Edition and Seller Edition. The Vendor Edition caters for businesses that use Amazon’s Vendor Central Interface while Seller Edition takes care of merchants using the FBA function.

Regardless of the class of your business, this software allows you to easily manage sales data, such as:

  •  sales volume information
  • PPC costs incurred
  • profits reports

It also provides a keyword analytics function that monitors the ranks of your own keywords and those of your main competitors.

Probably the best part about Sellics is that it offers a 14-day trial period in which you can test out all its amazing features before deciding whether to purchase it or not.

Hello Profit

Working similarly to Sellics, Hello Profit is designed to process sales data for Amazon vendors. Some of the key tasks it helps you with are profit calculation, keyword tracking, product promotion, analysis services, and refund tallies for your products.

As a profit calculator, it offers helpful comparisons of historical profits by breaking down how each of your products contributes to your overall income. The keyword tracker is offered for free and comes as an extension in browsers such as Chrome. With it, you can examine trending keywords that are easy to find on Amazon’s product searches.

Another useful feature is the multi-user function, which allows access to sales data by all if you’re working as a team. Finally, you can also use Hello Profit to generate in-depth reports of return on investments, sales, promo rebates, and other payouts in the business. With a 21-day free trial, this is a must-try tool for anyone looking for deeper insights into their store and listings data.

Are you using any of these seller tools? We’d love to hear about your experience with them in the comments below!

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