‘Tis the Pre-Season

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de-xmas_card-outside_360If your house is anything like mine, the holiday planning is already in full swing. At at the top of the planning list isn’t gifts (the kids do a good job of constantly reminding us of their every need). The thing we spend most our time and energy on is the greeting cards. We have to decide if we want the photo of the family on the front or not, just the kids or the whole family, country scene or city scene. Then you have to decide size, paper weight, paper stock, the touching message inside. Not to mention deciding who make the cut to receive the cards. The planning that goes into these cards would make the R&D at Apple blush.

With so many options out there, it’s easy to lose that holiday feeling. Don’t let the production of your holiday greeting cards ruin that warm holiday feeling. Let the pros handle it. Hire a photographer to take the photos, a designer to create a custom greeting card and a printer for that perfect card stock. There are even company’s that handle the mailing and all for you. But who has time to research all those vendors and shop for prices and figure out deadlines, etc.

If only there were2013Card_mockup a company that could just handle it all…

A business that could put as much care into the process as you would, and make sure it all worked out and the different “departments” all worked together to get it all out on time. Design Extensions can handle the whole process for you including photography, design, and correspondence. Keep the holidays joyful and don’t let the greeting cards stress you out. The best part about it al is you can be as big or small a part of the whole process as you want. We’d love to help create a beautiful greeting card for your family or business this holiday season. Ask me how.

Happy Holidays!

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