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Three Top Techniques for Inbound Marketing

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3 Top Techniques IM

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Your inbound marketing campaign can give your business exposure and influence without the stigma of “hard selling.” Here are three of the top techniques that inbound marketers use to sell more product.

Free eBooks

Electronic books are a great loss leader. People love free information. However, many people believe they cannibalize their own services when they give out free information. This is not true. People want to know that they are in the hands of an expert before they give you business. Explaining your expertise in a free eBook is a great way to get attention.

Hybrid SEO

By itself, search engine optimization is less of a tool for exposure. Search engine optimization works most effectively when a business combines it with search engine marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click campaigns and other methods of online promotion before it will be successful, especially for a new company that has not established its credentials yet. Fortunately, hybrid SEO is an umbrella term that encompasses all of the above marketing methods.


The relatively new communication technique podcasting creates a very close connection between an audience and a business. People may call in and speak to a representative of a business directly. The business leads the discussion live. Podcasting is also a fairly inexpensive way to engender loyalty. There are many distribution channels that link directly to social media profiles and allow a company to podcast for virtually nothing.

Please contact us to bolster your online marketing campaign with the highly successful technique of inbound marketing.

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