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There’s Just Something About New Years…

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There’s Just Something About New Years

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Every year it happens. Without fail, I’ve been around for 35 years and for every single one of them, they have ended, and a new one has started right up. No pause, no time to catch your breath, just boom; out with the old in with the new.

This past year had its fast and slow moments. The moments that we wished we could hang on to, all seem to have slipped by and if you blinked you missed them. Date nights with my wife, seeing my youngest son learn to talk, hanging out with friends; all moments that I wished would last forever, yet they are the most fleeting. On the flip side; conference calls, potty training my youngest daughter, doing laundry all seem to drag on FOREVER. It just seems like it will never end.

Well this year is ending. Did we get all the things done we were supposed to. How’s work going? Did we hang out with all the friends we wanted to. Did your business grow? Did you lose money? It’s tough sometimes to look back. It’s tougher still sometimes to look forward. Especially if things aren’t going so well. I’m often fairly optimistic, but I can definitely get discouraged about the future at times.

I’ve had a good year. Nothing too crazy happened, good or bad. With work, we had a great time at workcation and our annual company dinner, I got to go to Boston and Philadelphia, and making a bit more money than last year ain’t too bad either. To top it all off we have an office! Well we bought an office, we are not quite moved in yet. But sometime next year I’ll be able to move my little operation out of my master bedroom, and as much as I love being so accessible to my wife and my 2 youngest kids who aren’t in school yet… lets just say I’m looking forward to it. The best thing about my job this past year is that we launched a whole lot of websites and helped people to reach new markets, and expand their businesses and making people successful, really makes my year.

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