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The ONE Thing You Should be Doing Right Now

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The ONE Thing You Should be Doing Right Now

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If there’s one thing we’ve all learned in the last few weeks it’s this: Time is money. And what you do with your time right now, as the world freaks out, is the most important part of your brand’s survival.

At Design Extensions, we know that once things get back to normal, the time you’ve spent on this one thing will be what sets your brand apart from every other Joe Schmoe out there.

So here it is: CREATE FREE VALUE. 

All you’ll need is your phone, and a spot to set it. Think of something your customers ask you all the time. Start with educating them on simple, yet helpful topics.

  • What do they want to know?
  • What do they ask you all the time?
  • What knowledge do you have that most people don’t?
  • And how can it be helpful to them?

Write those things down and then go to work!

Remember, Educating your customers virtually will do three things for you:

  1. Build trust in your brand.
  2. Create free value for them.
  3. Create an awesome video library for your own business to use forever.

And it shouldn’t take long. Keep these videos to a few minutes at the most. Make sure you look into the camera the whole time to keep their attention. And use the rule of thirds grid on your screen to look like you know what you’re doing.

Talk from the heart and give your customers real value today. They’ll show back up when they’re able and they will be ready to buy more than ever because now they know that you care for them and you want them to succeed. Trim to the beginning and end and post that thing everywhere.

Remember, creating free value now is the best thing you can do with the time you have. So get to it! I’m Peter and that’s all I got for now.

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