The One Inbound Marketing Secret Even Most Pros Don’t Know

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One Inbound Secret

The purpose of inbound marketing

To attract customers, plain and simple.

And how do you that? Provide people with useful information. That’s what the experts will tell you.

And they’re right. If you provide useful info to your customers, you will be miles ahead of some of your competitors, the unlucky, probably misinformed souls, who talk too much about themselves and brag about their product.

But people are getting smarter. You don’t only want to be ahead of those types, but you want to rise to the top.

How do you get there?

The best way is to harness the power of copywriting.

One of the simplest ways to infuse copywriting into your inbound marketing strategy is to write better headlines.

Ask a question. Make the reader curious, make the reader desire more. That is the essence of good copywriting.

Are there hard and fast rules for copywriting? A website called TheDrum has a humorous take on it:

I suppose if I had to pick a favorite rule I would paraphrase a man with a particular genius for scattering the alphabet on the page, W Somerset Maugham. There are three rules for copywriting. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.

Of course, copywriting can be learned. As a matter of fact, a little effort goes a long way. For instance, inbound marketing has lots of headlines. One way to write a better headline is to make a list (eight ways to become a better copywriting) or say how to (how to become a better copywriter).

Compare that with the headline, “headlines make you a better copywriter.”.

Don’t give away too much in the headline, but make them curious. That is an underutilized secret for inbound marketers.

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