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The Most Important Web Design Trend for 2013 (and Beyond)

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The Most Important Web Design Trend for 2013 (and Beyond)

web-design-trends-2013Right now, there are lots of business web design teams coming out with their lists of trends for 2013. Some will turn out to be spot-on, while others might be a little more speculative and fall short.

What a lot of them have in common, though, is that they don’t necessarily refer to the important ideas that will affect the everyday business owner or marketing manager. With that in mind, we’d like to offer you the one single most important business web design trend for 2013 (and probably beyond): responsive web design.

If you aren’t familiar with responsive web design, it basically involves coding your site in such a way that it adapts to each visitor. That is, the person who’s using a desktop PC sees one version, while someone visiting with a smart phone or tablet screen might see a different one. In that way, your business website becomes “responsive” to the user (and hardware/software combination) on an individual basis.

It’s not hard to see why this trend is so important. At the moment, experts predict that more of us will be using mobile web devices than traditional desktop or laptop computers within the next two years, a shift that is already nearly complete in many urban areas where free Wi-Fi and 4G service are readily available. As this segment of the market continues to grow, it makes more and more sense to have a website that is accessible to all of your customers, all of the time.

More to the point, however, is that responsive web design is all about more flexibility and durability, which in turn leads to a lot higher return on investment. Because your website can do more, it lasts longer (and gives you more leads or sales in the meantime), making it a much more valuable investment.

There may be lots of business web design trends that are out there, but responsive web design is the one you need to pay attention to most. Why not call or e-mail a member of our team today and take the next step in upgrading your site and making it more accessible to customers?

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