The Importance of Superior Servers

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Your website’s server is not something you want to skimp out on. While it may be enticing to go with the cheapest hosting solution out there, you may run into issues down the road. You’ll also miss out on some really important features that a high-end hosting platform can offer.

Here at Design Extensions, one of our key selling points to clients is our highly secure, top of the line private server setup. We offer world-class hosting that is specifically designed for WordPress sites. Here are the top 3 advantages of using Design Extensions for hosting.


  1. SPEED – We build all our sites on WordPress (the most popular CMS in the world). Consequently, our hosting platform is specifically designed and optimized for WordPress to improve speed as well as security (which I will get to next). Everyone wants their website and the websites they use to be fast. We do too. Design Extensions keeps speed optimization at the top of the priority list when building a site. Our servers go a long way towards achieving that goal.
  2. Security – It’s said that the best offense is a good defense. The same philosophy applies to your website. Our hosting services provide automatic malware scans. This benefits our client because if a virus or problem is ever detected, it is automatically dealt with. Right then. Right there. In fact, we haven’t had any of our sites hacked in over 2 years.
  3. Peace of mind – Any site that we build and host will be housed in a state-of-the-art facility with nightly back-ups of the entire site. This allows you to always have a “reset button” ready in case a plug-in update goes wrong, an important file was erased, or you changed something you can’t figure out how to change back. This combined with the security features explained above allows for peace of mind when it comes to your website or online store.

Interested in learning more about what makes Design Extensions the premier web design and marketing agency in Northeast florida? Contact Us today to find out.


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