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Carol Gilham

Account Manager

Her biggest goal in business is to use her skills and experience to help companies find a unique voice and stand out in an overly saturated world.

With over ten years of marketing experience, Carol developed a passion for inspiring and speaking life into people and brands. She believes relationships are the key to life, and probably wants to be your best friend. A true southern girl, she grew up in Birmingham, AL, and then went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree from Auburn University in Business Administration, Marketing. She considers herself a die-hard Auburn Tiger fan (never say “Roll Tide” in her presence). She claims she doesn’t really have hobbies because she’s a wife, a mom, and works full-time, but she loves writing, and has a published lifestyle blog called “Let’s Get Real, Ladies.” Carol live in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, Daniel and a feisty toddler named Kennedy.

Created a lifestyle blog. Check it out here!