Small Town. . .Big Heart

moniesWe build a lot of websites. Our business model is unlike many in our industry. While others in our field are constantly looking for that next $500,000 project, we are perfectly fine aiming at the $5,000 ones. Because in reality we are a small business. We know what that means. We know the benefit of a great website to a small business. And while we aren’t turning anyone away with the $500k checks, it’s just not our thing.

St. Augustine and to some degree Jacksonville are not huge markets. Sure there are some large corporations, with hefty budgets to boot. But the thing that makes this place great is the small business. The local law firms, rooted in tradition. The mom and pop diners. The local artists, musicians, and craftsmen. That’s why a lot of us moved here, or our parents did. It’s a small town, with a big town feel. We love getting to be a part of that.

Our goal isn’t to produce as many websites as we can. We aim small to miss small. Our 15 years in business prove it’s not a bad model either. Design Extensions started as a little garage project for our owner Jay, and year over year has grown to the point where we are now 5 full time guys getting to create something for our local businesses. Sometimes the town feels a little schizophrenic with the mix of beach, and city, golf and suburbs. Old and new.

We have a range of plans and options for businesses of all sizes and budgets. We love working with locally owned small business owners to provide top notch quality and a product that to be honest you usually can’t find for the prices we charge. But our business has always and will always be about solving problems for our customers, not selling them something.

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