The average person produces about half a liter of farts every single day.

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Sorry, off on a bit of a tangent today… Recently while perusing the entertaining, and sometimes scary world wide web (yes I said it, cause I think it sounds so much cooler than internet… you whipper snappers!) I came across the above image which then led me to an article titled “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Farts”. In this article (of which there were only really a couple of things I didn’t know about farts… phew!) I discovered the below facts:

  • People Pass Gas About 14 Times Per Day.

  • The food we eat affects what our farts smell like.

  • Even though many women won't admit it, women do fart just as often as men.

I found these facts amazing not because of the facts or claims themselves. But because of what they indicate. You see I love science, and I constantly see things through the lens of science. Question the question and all that jazz. My first insight into the balloon fact pictured at the head of this article, is how in the world did we discover this. As most scientists I don’t immediately ask why this is something anyone wanted to find out, because that’s less important than how it was discovered. Of course now sitting in front of my screen writing this article I wonder why, and also why exactly I thought this might be a good blog post… But you know again the why is less important than the how, as in how am I going to convince my boss to let me post this.. and post this I MUST.

Back to farts. I assume that someone must have had some type of machine to collect farts. That’s the only true way to test for volume. Not only that, but they must have also recorded number of times since we are clearly told it is roughly 14. It also seems that participants of this study must have showed up to the lab on more than one occasion to test the “different foods theory” So now we know how much and how many times, and also consequently that this study also involved men and women and didn’t find a statistically significant difference between them. But little actual info is given on how any of this information was gathered. Just like so many other figures and facts nowadays the info is just put into a cute picture for mass consumption.

What does any of this have to do with you?

Well I’ll tell you.

One of the things that we offer clients, is ongoing marketing, SEO, and strategy planning. We use a range of tools to gauge how well a content offer, email campaign, or blog post is performing. We use that information to help plan and organize our clients business, website, and social media to really help leverage their services and products to people who want to use them. We don’t handoff a cutesy picture with a claim on it of how we can grow your business or how much money we can make you. We use tried and true scientific methods to gather info on how your business is doing and use that to predict how it can do better.

I hope this article is like a breath of fresh air for you today!

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