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One Way to Get More Out of Your Blog Posts

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Original, high-quality content is essentially the cornerstone of the Internet, not to mention every single online marketing plan. It’s probably no surprise, then, that getting it typically costs you quite a bit of your time, marketing budget, or both. Shouldn’t you do everything you possibly can to make the most of it?

Of course you should, but a lot of small business owners and online marketers don’t. They go through the hard work of generating a strong article, for example, and then post it to their blog, where it sits on the Internet for all eternity. That’s not a bad start, but it isn’t getting the most value for something that can help grow your business online, either.

To help you avoid making the same mistake, we’d like to offer a valuable tip: Get the most out of your web content by sharing it with the biggest possible audience. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is, as long as you’re following a plan. Here are a few steps to help you get started:

Find a central point for publishing your content. Typically, this would be a company blog, but it could also be a page set aside for articles or breaking news.

Use strong headlines. Make it so that people can’t help but want to read what you’re posting. A good title can easily double or triple the number of views your content will ultimately get.

Write teasers. Create a one or two sentence “ad” for your content. Like the title, this isn’t designed to describe everything about it, but to create interest.

Post your teasers everywhere. There should be links to your content in your e-mail newsletter, on your Facebook fan page, leaked in tweets, and anywhere else you can think to spread the word. In off-line marketing, they call this “generating buzz”; online, it’s just spreading the word around.

Follow the trail left by your readers. Over time, you’ll notice that certain topics and traffic sources yield more views than others. As you gain this information, set up future content updates accordingly.

Great content isn’t easy or cheap to get. So when you have an interesting item to post, make sure you get the maximum amount of value and exposure from it.

And as always if you feel the need to hire a professional, Design Extensions would love to help you realize the full potential of your site’s blog posts.

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