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Networking, Internet Marketing, & Instant Gratification

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We live in a world of instant gratification. Everyone is looking for the fast way to lose 10 lbs or get rich quick. We want things and we want them NOW!

Networking and internet marketing have a lot in common regarding this…

Many people show up at networking events and shuffle around the room handing out their own cards and talking about their own businesses as quickly as possible. Later, they get back to the office and wonder why they don’t have a flood of calls coming in. They then assume that networking or the group they attended are a bust because they didn’t get any business from the first visit.

Internet marketing is much the same. Many business owners expect to launch a website and magically start seeing business flying in the door. If their site is not #1 on Google the first day out the gate, there must be something wrong with the website. Or business owners on Twitter and Facebook spend countless hours talking about themselves and then wonder why it’s not working. It must be the fault of the social media networks, right?

The reality of course is far from this. Networking and internet marketing take time. They are not vehicles of instant gratification, but they can be HUGE assets to your businesses growth in the long-term. It’s all about planting seeds, building relationships, and laying a foundation for the future with both of these.

With networking, get involved in your local community through different types of groups. We’re a part of a great BNI group, The St. Johns Business Network and also members of the St. Johns Chamber of Commerce. Our goal in each of these organizations is to grow relationships and help others first. When you reach out to help others, they will want to reach back and help you!

The same goes for online marketing. Spending quality time building a network of relationships on Twitter and Facebook is valuable for business, but it takes time to turn that into business. Search engine optimization is the same way, it takes time to build good results that will last a long time.

On that note, how can we help you today? 🙂

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