Has Your New Year Marketing Plan Gone Off Track?

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Has your new year marketing plan gone off track 01

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If you’re like most business owners we work with, you probably jumped into 2019 with a big marketing plan for your website. Perhaps you were going to tune up your pay-per-click campaigns to get more leads for less money. Or maybe you were going to finally stock your blog with informative articles so Google will rank you ahead of your competitors.

Unfortunately, experience has taught us that most of these plans will never be realized.

It isn’t that the marketers who thought them up didn’t want to follow through. Instead, they quickly become busy or overwhelmed with other projects and commitments. Before long, all the ideas they had in January become things to try next year, or “when there’s time.”

If that sounds familiar, we’re here to help. Today we want to share with you a handful of easy tips and ideas you can use to get your 2019 online marketing plan back on track…

Identify the Problem

Why is your 2019 online marketing plan is stuck in neutral? Consider the following:

  • Do you lack the time to follow through with your projects?
  • Have you not budgeted enough money to get your campaigns moving?
  • Do you simply not know where to begin?

If you can figure out why things aren’t moving forward, the solution might become evident. Or at the very least, you’ll be able to explain the problem to a partner or vendor.

Find Sustainable Solutions

When most business owners discover they haven’t had time to manage their social media accounts (as an example), many will decide to set aside a few hours on the weekend to get caught up. That’s a good idea, but it usually doesn’t last. After all, evenings and weekends can get pretty busy as they are.

If you want to keep your plans moving, you have to find sustainable solutions to the problems that have been stopping you. That might mean gathering the right assets beforehand, hiring creative professionals, or automating certain activities.

Plan Ahead for Success

Once you know why things aren’t working and what you can do about it, the next step is to actually make a firm plan that solves the issue.

The catch here is that the plan has to be firm.

For instance, it could be a task list paired with a schedule or budget. If you want to stay on top of things and generate consistent results, then you need to be specific about:

  • what needs to be accomplished
  • who is in charge of the work
  • what resources will be committed to the project

Keep Growing in 2019

Your online marketing plan should never be static, and the most successful business owners are always thinking bigger. So, as you begin to see results from your efforts, don’t forget to keep looking ahead to future campaigns.

If you begin to accumulate sales from your online ads, for example, look for smart ways to increase your ad spending in the coming months. The point is to keep compounding your victories so the returns you get from your website will grow and accelerate over time.

Need Help Turning Your Goals and Ideas Into Sales?

It’s hard to manage all the pieces of a healthy online marketing plan by yourself. It’s even harder when you have other parts of your business to look after.

If you could use some assistance creating a cost-effective common-sense strategy that grows your bottom line, then give our team a call and schedule a free consultation today. You’ll be amazed at what we can do for you this year!

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