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What I Learned from Creating a Website with My Wife

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As an account manager for Design Extensions, I’ve worked with my fair share of clients to help create the website of their dreams. I recently had the opportunity to work with my favorite client ever: my wife, Jennifer, and feel it has helped me to truly understand the client’s perspective through the website building process.

In our typical process, I meet with clients several times for many different reasons. We have kick off meetings where we try to understand their company needs and the purpose of why they need a website. We talk weekly during the initial build out to review the site and gather feedback. Then we talk monthly to review how effective the site is working, analyzing and making updates as needed.

When working with my wife, the meetings, reviews and critiques didn’t stop after our scheduled meetings. I got to see her think about it, review it and analyze it for weeks. I got to see how important the site was to her and her company. I got to see her spend hours researching other sites for inspiration for her own. I got to see that the clients can put in as much time in the thought and development of the site as we do. You can see how all our hard work paid off here:

I think that having the opportunity to live and work with a client gave me new appreciation for what clients go through during the development of their site. This experience has helped me become a better account manager.

My hope is to make every client feel a sense of relief now that I understand what they are going through. I believe I can help ease the stress of building a site by having a clear, concise plan of the build process and that I can help them solve some of the business problems that keep them up at night.

Don’t let your website project cause you extra stress. Contact us to help. Building your website can be fun experience and you will love the results.

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