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JOB OPENING: Web Applications Lead Developer

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Job Type: Full-time
Benefits: Depends on Experience
Salary: Depends on Experience

If you’re tired of the corporate grind and looking for a team with a flexible work environment, keep reading. Our environment is fast-paced, hard-working, and constantly learning. We work with small and medium sized businesses all over the country and need more team members to help improve our constantly growing process.

This position will focus on providing immediate programming support to client projects as needed. It will also include managing a team of diversified programmers to accomplish client projects within the scope and timeline required.

We work in a virtual environment with lots of online collaboration, so your physical location doesn’t matter to much. You do need to be available for standard business hours from 9AM-5PM as well as for any project emergencies (if needed and hopefully very rare).
We work with a variety of projects and systems, from very basic CMS systems to very advanced, custom developed PHP apps. Some run a modern, current codebase and some were built over a decade ago and still need to be maintained. We need someone who is flexible enough to work in a variety of projects and systems

  • Manage a team of up to 6 other programmers for various client projects.
  • Assign tasks, review work, bug test, troubleshoot, and communicate clearly with the client.
  • Assist with correcting coding errors or bugs in projects that may be a priority.
  • Collaborate with the design team to provide input on features.
  • Provide feedback to the team regarding ideas on improving programming workflows, frameworks, and plans

4+ years of real world experience in web application development with specific experience in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX and HTML/CSS. Experience with WordPress development as well as working with e-commerce systems written in PHP.

Project management and team leading experience also needed.

One of the perks? Work from wherever you like. One exception, we’re looking for someone on the east coast time zone. You do not need to relocate, but we’d prefer you be in our timezone for easier communication during regular working hours.

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