So you work from an Apple computer, and you even own all the latest Adobe software. The client and design project are eager for you to get started. The ball is now in your court and you are expected to create a design that solves problems and satisfies the target audience. What’s your next move?

Well, if you are anything like me then you absolutely MUST find sources of inspiration before putting pencil to paper or clicking the mouse. At this stage I like to think of myself as a sponge – the more knowledge, ideas and trends that I absorb, the easier it will be to execute on the actual design work. Since inspiration is such a vital step in my process, I thought it might be helpful to share some of my “go-to” sources.

Get Online

While your coffee is cooling off, get online and browse the greatness. Pull up a few sites like Dribbble, Best Web Gallery, Dieline, etc., or hop on your phone and check out Instagram to discover more.

Daily Sketches

Define a short amount of time in your day and practice some sketching. Daily exercises like hand-lettering projects are perfect because they are going to increase your skills quickly, and what you draw for fun may end up helping you solve that tricky logo design the client has been waiting patiently for.


Change of Scenery

Break the chains of your desk and work from another location. I like to bring the laptop over to local restaurants and coffee shops. It will give you a fresh perspective to see and hear other people and places.

Collect Nerdy Stuff

In my work space I have framed artwork on the walls, stickers tattooed on the laptop and sketchbooks, and toys (yes, feel free encourage your inner kid). If you have been to any creative conferences like Creative South, you can load up on geeky goodies there.

WallArt Toys


Be the Bookworm

Read books relating to design, creativity and people that motivate you. I believe it is important to build up your own personal library, because sometimes just looking at my bookshelf will remind me of something I learned from a book resting there.


These are all things that help me on a daily basis, and I would love to hear what inspires you!  If you have an idea for a design project, then let’s put these creative juices to good use. Click here to get the party started!

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