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How to Write a Blog

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How To Write a Blog

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If you’re anything like me you could compile mile high list of everything else that you’d rather be doing than sitting in front of a computer, stumbling through every thought, misspelling most of the words and triple checking every sentence for correct grammar to create a blog that you hope people will like. So why I am I doing this if I don’t enjoy it?


I truly understand the impact a blog can make.

My first stumbling block when writing is the topic. I sit down to write and just can’t come up with anything to write about. I feel so much pressure to write something astounding, something that other people in my industry will find interesting or cutting edge. I feel like I have to write something that will really impress my boss. All that pressure can make it really hard to write even just one sentence. I have found that my best blogs are when I write about something that I just really enjoy. I have found that not every single blog needs to be filled with your industries jargon or the new next best thing.

I have found that what readers really connect with is you. On the internet every piece of information out there is available at the snap of a finger. So why would someone want to read your blog? If you write about topics you are interested in it will show in your writing. Readers will pick up on that sincerity and they will feel more comfortable knowing that they are receiving information from a real person and will grow a connection to you personally. That bond between you and the readers will help market you and your company.

So don’t let your fear of blogging keep you from sitting down and writing once a month, week or year. Start with thinking about something you enjoy and jot down main ideas or points of interest you want to get across. As your thoughts flow you will probably find you have a lot more to say than you thought and before you know it you’ll have a blog. And just like that, the outside world has an inside look into who and what makes your business run.

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