How to Add More Energy to Your Internet Marketing

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More Energy

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In the digital age, excitement and enthusiasm are almost as valuable as actual currency. If no one cares about what you have to say, then you’ll never get the kinds of results you need to make your campaigns profitable.


But, it’s tough to build excitement when you feel bored with your own marketing concepts. And, this problem can creep up more readily than you might think, especially when you’re under pressure to generate new ads, blog posts, and social updates on a continual schedule.


So how do you re-energize your own marketing – and re-create a sense of excitement – when you feel burnt out on your brand and messaging? Here are a few quick and easy ways you can light a fire under yourself and make things happen again:


Start From Scratch


Even if your existing campaigns and ideas are working fairly well, it can sometimes be a good idea to start from scratch and re-invent everything from the ground up. Make no assumptions about what customers will or won’t respond to, and throw previous campaigns out the window. In some cases, you’ll end up close to where you started; other times, going through this exercise can unleash a bit of pent-up creativity.


Try Different Platforms


Sometimes, your marketing cries out for an entirely new medium. If you’re used to working only in pay-per-click advertising, for example, it might be worth it to try putting together an infographic, or experiment with social media. Whatever channels you are used to working with, mix it up and see if you can reach customers in a different way. That will stop you from falling into the same old thought patterns and force you to think creatively.


Go Micro


One of the reasons marketers get “stuck” has to do with the pressure of trying to reach huge swaths of prospects at once. Instead of trying to come up with a brilliant campaign that makes everyone want to buy from you, focus on one particular customer (or type of customer) and see if you can generate something that speaks directly to them. Chances are, it can be adapted to other audiences later.


Work With a New Creative Team


Let’s face it: if you’re hearing the same ideas again and again – without any improvement in results – then it might be time to start listening to a new voice. When marketers get comfortable with their creative vendors, good things happen. When the two sides get too comfortable, though, complacency can set in and campaigns can go stale pretty quickly.


Have More Fun


This is a broad suggestion, but it’s also one of the most important you can receive. There is something inherently magnetic about having fun. When you are having a great time, that comes through and speaks to customers who also want to get in on the act. Whether it’s changing up your work routine, trying something different, or just making a game out of finding marketing inspiration, do what you can to enjoy yourself and watch your results improve.


If you aren’t interested in your own Internet marketing, you can’t really expect anyone else to be, either. Follow these tips and add some fuel to campaigns today!

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