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How Steady is Your SEO Aim?

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If you have ever fired a gun, bow, or other weapon, then you probably already understand why master hunters will tell you that a bullet or arrow isn’t nearly as important as the concentration of the person behind it. In other words, you are only as good as your focus, and it’s best to take one target at a time.

Not surprisingly, the same principle applies to search engine optimization.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to be everything for every potential customer, or targeting a half-dozen potentially profitable keywords and phrases on every page. Resist the urge. The best SEO content isn’t the longest, or even the most keyword-rich, but the content that’s pointed firmly in the right direction.

Here are three quick tips to help you study your SEO aim:

Target one keyword or phrase per page. Pick one term to focus on, and then devote your webpage, blog post, or article specifically towards it. That will keep you from having to form awkward sentences and headlines to mention it two or three times. Once you have targeted that keyword or phrase a few times, move on to the next one.

Make a keyword list and move through it. That approach is going to take more time, but you’ll achieve better longer-term results by thinking week to week and building slowly, rather than trying to optimize your site for dozens of keywords at once. Remember that good SEO takes a little bit of patience.

Know where your profits are. The keywords you should target first aren’t necessarily the ones that get the most traffic, but the ones that convert at the highest rate. Know your metrics well enough to identify them, and concentrate your firepower where it matters most.

Concentration, focus, and persistence are more important to search engine optimization than almost anything else. Keep that in mind and you’ll always be firing your optimized content with a steady hand. SEO can be confusing and many businesses don’t understand how it all works, Design Extensions can help your website rank higher, for the keywords that people actually use, that convert searches to dollars.

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