Google Update: What is a Rich Card?

Jay Owen SEO

In May 2016, Google unveiled a new search results format, known as a “rich card.”  Rich cards allow content to be displayed in a more engaging way. The growth of mobile device usage has increased drastically within the last few years, so Google is evolving with the times.

Rich cards are focused on providing a better mobile experience for users. Certain content-rich information is now presented in visual “carousels,” which allow users to easily scroll left and right through lists, recipes, movies, etc. For example, if a chef runs a food-related website, he/she can feature impactful, eye-catching photos of each recipe in the carousel. This visual upgrade helps draw in customers to your website and makes them more likely to click on your page over the competition.

Google has a complete set of tools that allow users to easily put together a rich card. They also have a comprehensive guide describing what fields are needed to make a rich card appear in your results. When you get a grasp of the way rich cards work, you can review your content in the Rich Cards Report. This will tell you what fields need to be marked up in order to get yours working. Learning to utilize these new tools could be highly valuable to your business. 

Now, rich cards include news articles, local restaurants, online courses, lists, recipes, and movies. The project is still in the experimental stage so look out for other big changes coming soon. Google will surely be updating their rich card format in the coming year. Businesses that stay on top of these changes have a better chance of success than ones that don’t. If you need anything in regards to SEO/web development/marketing, reach out to Design Extensions today. We have the knowledge and experience to help your business be as successful as possible.