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Google Apps Introduces New Branding with G Suite

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Google Apps Introduces New Branding with G Suite

Google has recently rolled out a new logo and name change for its widely-used Google Apps software. The company has stated that it feels like it has created a more appropriate name in the form of “G Suite.” The newly-titled series of applications still offers the seamless data-sharing and real-time collaboration capabilities of Google Apps, but promises to improve and innovate their current technology to further increase efficiency. They have already added some improvements and plan on unveiling others in the near future. Here are some of the new features that have been/will be added to G Suite.


Quick Access on Android

With Quick Access, available on Android, “the most relevant files to your work will be easily accessible—right at your fingertips when you open Drive.” This is accomplished using “machine intelligence,” which is a term that Google is using often to describe their applications. Essentially, machine intelligence means the Drive will learn the rhythm and pattern of your work day and have the files you need readily accessible each day. This saves up to 50% of the time it takes the average employee to find a file.


Explore in Docs

The new Explore feature automatically makes recommendations for topics, pictures and other content that is related to your current document. Using the aforementioned machine intelligence, Explore uses complex algorithms to search the internet and give you great recommendations, which can polish your ideas and ensure that you have enough valuable content in your piece.


Smart Spreadsheets

Google Sheets is a great spreadsheet tool that allows people to create, edit and share your spreadsheets from anywhere. However, not everyone knows how to write all the formulas in Sheets, which can limit their capabilities significantly. Fortunately, the Explore feature will be used in Sheets too. If you run into an issue that you can’t solve, simply enter your question into the search bar and Explore “will use Natural Language Processing to translate your question into a formula and offer an instant answer.”


Team Drive

The importance of teamwork in business is paramount (check out our blog on teamwork here). In order to make sure your team works at the highest level, google has created Team Drives. Team Drive shifts the emphasis from the individual to the team. The application streamlines teamwork from end-to-end by allowing group members to share content at the team level, set up specific roles for each person, and seamlessly add or remove team members at any time.


Google will be adding more features and updating others in the near future, so make sure you stay on top of the new additions. Keeping up with all the new technologies in today’s world can be extremely difficult. If you need help bringing your company or organization into the modern age, contact Design Extensions. We offer all your branding, website development and marketing needs. Our skilled team members regularly work with Google and specialize in a wide variety of applications and programs. Call us today!





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