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Good Online Marketing Goals for 2013

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Stop whatever you’re doing right now and think to yourself: What are your online marketing goals for 2013.

Probably the vast majority of business owners and executives out there would have to answer that they want “more sales,” or “higher profits.” That’s great – everyone wants those things – but they don’t necessarily make great marketing goals because they aren’t specific enough.


In fact, sometimes the easiest way to increase profitability is by narrowing down to a more specific target. Here are four that we consider especially good online marketing goals for 2013:

1. To improve your online marketing ROI. Granted, this is also a bit vague, but it at least addresses both sides of the equation. It’s good to want to increase sales, but you should also be looking to lower costs at the same time.

2. To gather more social click-throughs to your business website. Why settle for having more followers, when you could have more social engagement at the same time? In other words, you shouldn’t want customers to just look for you online, but to take action on your posts and tweets.

3. To secure higher PPC click-through rates. Although your cost-per-conversion is ultimately more important, raising your click-through rates is a good way to capture more of the market and improve your quality score at the same time – in other words, to reach more people at a lower per-customer cost.

4. To have more return visitors to your business website. Capturing first-time potential customers is wonderful, but bringing them back is even more important. For one thing, return visitors tend to convert at a higher percentage. Plus, the more likely they return, the more engaged they become with your company and the more likely they are to think of you the next time they need to make a purchase.

There’s nothing wrong with setting your sights on bigger sales or higher profits in 2013, but narrowing down to some more specific goals is a good way to ensure that you actually accomplish both.

If you need more help, we’d love to be involved! Just drop us a line to connect.

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