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By now, most of our clients are well aware of the awesome design capabilities here at Design Extensions. If you don’t know, check out some of our recent work here! However, many don’t know that we are also a full-service printing solution. We have the capabilities to print everything from custom-branded pens and magnets to large full-size vinyl banners and pop-up displays. This brings our clients value by allowing them to make just one call or email to order everything they need for their next convention or marketing initiative.

Full-service printing means we have the opportunity to serve our customers from start to finish. Our team can turn your idea into custom marketing collateral for your company or organization, and have it shipped right to your door.

Another new service we offer is professional photography and videography. Photos and videos take a website from good to great. The team determined that it would provide even more value for our clients if we offered that service in addition to building the site. We already had team members with a background in photography, so we figured it was a no-brainer. A great example of a site that we built and shot photography for is fullcirclemoving.com. Real photos of your products, employees and equipment showcase your business to potential clients and customers much more than any stock photo would.

This “one-stop shop” philosophy is something we are proud of. We want to be the only web-design, marketing, printing and development company our clients need. And we want to do it all at a high-level. Now for many clients we will create a logo, design marketing pieces (flyers, tri-folds, business cards, envelopes, etc.) using that logo, build a website around the logo, host the website, set up custom domain email and develop a marketing plan for the website and product/service they are selling.

Full service. From Start to Finish.

If your company has been looking for a one-stop design and marketing shop, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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