Free Marketing! Why Word-of-Mouth is Key to Success

When we take on a client, we know the importance of giving that client an enjoyable experience. Ensuring your customers have a great experience is crucial to getting your brand more exposure and increasing your clientele. Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. Some of our biggest leads have been referred to us by clients that we worked with previously. Whether it’s a shoutout on Facebook or just a customer telling their friend(s) about your company, word-of-mouth marketing can be a very powerful tool. This is considered the most reliable form of free marketing by consumers, so use it to your advantage!

Make them Feel Valued

First, you have to make your customer or client feel valued. As corny as it sounds, you want to make them feel special—like you value their business in a unique way. Crafting this experience for the customer will make them want to come back to you instead of going elsewhere for those products/services. Don’t let them feel like you’re “desperate” for their business by any means, but try to go above and beyond what they expect during your time together.


Being friendly and helpful to customers can make a big difference in who they choose to work with. People want to have an experience with a friendly staff they can connect with in some way. Look, I know not everyone is a standup comedian, but making a customer laugh is one of the best ways to connect with them. Laughing together can establish a warm, lighthearted atmosphere between you and them. This positive experience could lead to a mutually beneficial relationship, keeping them coming back for years to come. Then they’ll tell their friends good things about you and recommend you over the competition. That’s free marketing, people! And it all starts with making customers feel good with a warm and friendly staff.

Have a Plan

Whether you’re meeting new customers, potential clients, previous partners, etc., it’s important to be prepared. When we have a client meeting scheduled in the office, we always make sure to have a plan ready. We find our meetings are quicker and much more efficient when we are properly prepared. It’s a good first impression if you appear to be an organization that has their stuff together. Tailor your plan based on your client’s needs. Anticipate some of their questions/concerns and prepare answers to alleviate any worries they may have. A well-organized business will get positive reviews online and great word-of-mouth marketing from current customers.

Provide Quality Work

This last one is a no-brainer. When it comes time to provide whatever it is that your customer needs, do it right! You want them to rave about the great job you did and recommend you to everyone they know. Take pride in doing quality work and your clientele will increase naturally. Impress them by doing a better job than they expected—it could make them a customer for life. After you are done, always remind them to let their friends know about your business.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the cheapest form of advertising out there. You are increasing your brand awareness without using a single bit of your time or money, all because you gave your customers a great experience. You can basically build a residual clientele based on referrals from previous customers. I’m definitely not saying that your business will survive solely on word-of-mouth marketing. You should still make it a point to be involved on social media and do things to promote the company, but just keep in mind that the job you do for one person could lead to hundreds more over the years…

We specialize in marketing, branding and all things web-related at Design Extensions. If you need help getting your brand out there, contact us! We have been building relationships with the people of St. Augustine, Florida for over 17 years, and would love to meet with you.

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