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Facebook Launches New Messenger Day App

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Facebook Launches New Messenger Day App

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Facebook has recently launched a new feature called the Messenger Day App. Through this new feature, you can share videos and images with your Facebook friends which will disappear after 24 hours. Messenger Day works just like Snapchat, and was created to compete with the application.

For businesses, the biggest advantage of Facebook’s new feature is you can utilize it to market and promote your company, post promotional videos, and share images or templates with your clients and Facebook friends.

The Messenger Day feature is available only in the Messenger app, which features a simple tool set that allows you to share quickly. In the top-left corner, you will find the Add to Your Day option. Tap on it to add a photo or video to your story. You can also customize your list with whom you want to share. Tap the gear icon on the left side of the screen, where you select My Day and choose your audience. Then just hit send to post it!

One useful aspect of the app is you can see how many and who specifically has viewed your Day. With this feature, you can gain valuable insight into your target audience and how to reach them more effectively. You can also promote your brand through social media marketing on a personal level, where you can directly interact with your Facebook clients.

Attract your friends on Facebook towards your business through this medium, and encourage them to like your business page and official profile on Facebook.

You can also share live videos and images to promote your event, party, seminar, workshop, etc. This will allow you to invite people to your event in a personal way. Encourage your employees to do the same on their Facebook Messenger Day to further promote the occasion.

The more shares, the more views, the more brand exposure.

Share your company’s latest updates and recent developments, this way you can make people aware of your progress. Using this feature, you can be in constant contact with your clients and can build a strong relationship with them on a personal level.

If you need help utilizing Facebook for business, get in touch with us! We specialize in growing businesses online through strategic marketing and high-end design. Come to us for any web design, marketing or branding needs!

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