DEtour: Lunch Break



Food is our fuel. It’s what keeps people going on a long day. During work hours, lunch is what splits up that long day and gives us the break we need to decompress for a while. We believe that eating together is important for team building and the overall happiness and well-being of the group. It even helps our work ethic.

Keeping employees happy is a great way to maintain steady production and high morale. Allowing teams to enjoy a meal together improves collaborative efforts as well. People can share a few laughs outside of the work environment and get to know each other better, improving their relationships and ability to communicate. We’ve certainly had some of the best times with each other over lunch.

Every now and then we’ll head into downtown St. Augustine for a local bite—from biscuits at Maple Street to a birthday lunch at Prohibition Kitchen. Sometimes we’ll go up to our favorite coffee shop and work there during lunch. Little things like that mix up the daily grind and provide a short escape from the office.

Another way we mix it up is the occasional free team lunch on Friday if we’ve had a good week. One of our favorite meals to order is “Meatza Pizza.” It’s basically just a meat lover’s pizza from our favorite Italian place down the road. Nothing goes together like pizza and wings (and maybe a beer) on a Friday. It adds some extra incentive for us to be productive that week. Not that we need any incentive to do our jobs, but when we launch a few sites in a week, it makes that Friday meal even more satisfying. Little things like that keep employees happy, and letting us enjoy some free time is what keeps us working so hard at DE.

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