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They say a business is only as good as the hair of its employees.

Ok, we doubt anyone has ever said that, but anyway…

When you visualize a typical work office, it probably doesn’t include a barber station. But if you come pay us a visit and check out the far corner, you’ll notice an authentic barber chair, side table, fan, hair products, outlets for appliances and more. Our very own miniature barber shop! (Check it out in our video below.

Starting in July, Design Extensions employees have gotten to enjoy scheduled, in-office haircuts every few weeks. The idea was thought of by our account manager, Chris, who prides himself on having “the best hair in the office—hands down” (a hotly debated topic). The team talked about the idea several times before but I never thought it would actually happen. Eventually we made the move to get the chair through Amazon, then hired someone we trusted to cut our hair. Now, one of our good hair stylist friends comes in and gives the whole team fresh cuts, paid for by the company—all the employees have to do is provide the tip. 

Since then, my hair game has been on point. Coming from a guy that used to “get the most” out of his haircuts by waiting over six weeks in between, it’s been amazing. No more growing my hair out way longer than I prefer. Now the haircuts come to my door. Just another one of the perks that makes working at DE so great. 

So, what’s the point?

Now, the purpose of this post truly isn’t to brag about our company or anything. It’s mainly to showcase the fact that doing fun, unique things around the office is a perfect way to keep employees happy and hard at work. DE makes it a point to have fun together as a group, both inside and outside of work hours. We’re determined not to fall into the usual “boring office life” dynamic that plagues so many businesses. When employees feel like they’re valued, they hold themselves to a higher standard, produce better work and do it with a better attitude. Too much recreation can obviously be a distraction, but find the right way to inject a little fun into your work environment and you will certainly see the benefits.

I would encourage the employers out there to let your office have a little fun every now and then. Mix things up and enjoy some time together, and you may see a surprising increase in overall productivity, quality and happiness.


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