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Design Extensions is Now Offering Free SSL Certificates

Jay Owen Hosting, SEO Leave a Comment

We are very happy to announce that our hosting solution is now offering a free SSL certificate with every website we build! What does that mean? When you visit a website, you’ll notice a little icon next to your URL bar. If the icon is a lock symbol, it means your site is secure and private content cannot be seen by outside sources trying to gain access to your information. An SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) certificate guarantees your site is secure. Private information passed between websites is encrypted, which means someone other than the intended recipient will not be able to access it. This is important because you and your customers should feel safe when sending emails, entering passwords, sharing info, etc.

An SSL certificate is also beneficial for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. Recently, Google has announced that it is going to start flagging non-secure sites in January 2017. These changes will directly affect SEO, ranking non-secure sites lower on the page and warning people which sites are unsafe. A full SSL certificate will ensure your site will be labeled secure and rank higher on Google searches.

Do you need a new website? If so, contact Design Extensions for the job. You can be confident that we will create a user-friendly, professionally designed website that offers full SSL security. Ensuring your site is protected is important for your peace-of-mind. You want to know that your files are safe and can’t be accessed by anyone. Sit back and leave that to us!

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