DE’s Next Chapter: Doubling Down on Growth and Services

I’ve run Design Extensions for almost 20 years. That’s pretty crazy to think about. But what’s even crazier is I feel like I’m just getting started. We’ve had our busiest start to a year ever and what I’d normally do at this point is retreat into helping with project-level tasks of designing, programming or whatever else was needed. Instead, what I’m going to do is double down on growth.

We have gained a lot of momentum since the opening of the office space less than a year ago and I plan to keep pushing forward. This Friday we will close on a 1000 sq. ft expansion of our current office space. In two weeks we’re bringing on another staff member with skills that expand our services, and shortly after that we’ll be expanding another role and adding another team member before the summer.

There’s certainly risk in all of this—it’s expensive to grow. We could stay right where we are, but I’m also the most uncomfortable when I’m the most comfortable. That discomfort is the fuel of my entrepreneurial spirit.

“I’m also the most uncomfortable when I’m the most comfortable.”

I expect the months ahead will have their share of growing pains, but I’d rather that than dying pains. I’ve seen it 1000 times with businesses who get too comfortable with their success, and before you know it, they’re gone. This is true for big and small businesses alike. Technology is changing too fast to sit still.

My desire for our team is simple — to be the absolute best digital agency in St. Johns County. We’ll do this by getting better internally and collaborating with other talented folks in the area. Our mission is simple, to help our clients grow their businesses.

Most of all, I’m excited to get to spend time on two key things as we grow:

(1) Helping our team members grow individually


(2) Providing strategy to our clients and their businesses.

After almost 20 years, it doesn’t get any easier. It’s just different. But if it were easy, it probably wouldn’t be worth it; few things are.

I’m thankful for a team that trusts my desire to keep pushing forward and is willing to put up with my scatterbrain, for clients who place their brand in our hands, and most of all for my bride who is my constant and greatest advisor in all decisions.

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