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book-coverLots of folks TALK about their ideas — few actually DO anything about them. That’s what separates Jason Surfrapp (formally Jason Sadler) from the rest.

He has made over $1,000,000 by wearing t-shirts — cool idea, brought to life. He has been paid $50,000 (twice) to sell his last name for a year. And now he’s written a book that he had $75,000 in sponsors for before he even wrote a single page.

He didn’t just say he would write a book though, he cranked it out in a couple of long work weeks and now that book is available for sale.

We want to give away a FREE copy of his new book (SIGNED!!). Just comment below with your company name and why you’d like to win a free copy and we’ll randomly select a winner to mail a copy of the book to. (Winner will be selected by June 15th.)

The title is Creativity for Sale. When we first heard about that project, we thought it was a perfect fit for us. Our job is often to bring other people’s ideas to life via great branding, quality websites, and print materials. We jumped in to sponsor Jason’s project and couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

His book is now available on Amazon and we did the development work on his website at

Check out the website and then buy the book! Trust us, you’ll be thankful you did. It’s packed with great stories and ideas that will inspire your next creative venture.

Then, contact us for some help on bringing your creative idea to life!

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  1. I’m from StarterLab Co. and I would like to win a free copy of the book as I’m a teenage entrepreneur aspiring to move my business ventures outside of the Internet world into something real and unique as soon as I possibly can. This book would serve as inspiration for me, and as a reminder that there are no limits to what one can achieve. Eventually, I would want to use my entrepreneurial skills to make money and gain popularity in a similar fashion to Jason, of which I would use for the extension of God’s Kingdom!

  2. Im self-employed, because I strongly believe in chasing your passion and making a living out of it. I would like to learn skills to further unlock my potential to be a successful entrepreneur.

  3. I’m from Omnicore and part of the world which is constantly being bashed by media thus making it difficult for entrepreneurs in my country to rise as compared to neighboring countries. I’d love to get my hands on this book and hopefully create a spark here 🙂

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