Creative South 2013 Conference Review

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cs13Here’s the juicy peach truth…
We had never heard of Creative South before this year. We were just looking for a design or web related conference within driving distance from good ole’ Northeast, Florida that wouldn’t break the bank. Thankfully, we ran across Creative South and purchased tickets before the event sold out!

Trey Ingram, our man behind the creative arts, and I decided to take the trip together.

From St. Augustine to Jacksonville and
then off to Columbus, GA we went…

We were excited and ready to hear from some Amazing talent on Day 1.

The first day was split up with three different tracks each hour — Trey & I tried to split up for the maximum benefit. Here’s a few shots from the trip:


Up bright and early on Sunday, Trey and I give our thoughts on the event so far…

Needless to say, Creative South was not disappointing.

Day 2 started a little later and had two keynote speakers rather than the multiple sessions from day 1: James White (from SignalNoise) and the very unique Aaron Draplin from DDC. These guys displayed incredible talent, told some awesome stories, and shared great insight. Simply put, it was awesome.

Most of all, the people at Creative South, from the speakers to the attendees were just flat awesome. Everyone was friendly, open, and plain excited to be involved.

In hindsight, the biggest regret was that we didn’t take our whole team — we’ll change that for Creative South 2014. See you next year Columbus creatives!

One more thing — what did we think about Columbus, GA? Well, here’s my thoughts on this southern belle of a town:

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