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We are bad bloggers. We preach from the rooftops that blogging is important, updating your website with new and fresh content is important, and yet we fail to do so ourselves.

We are like the barber that never gets a haircut.

Why don’t we blog more often? For the same reason most people don’t… we are just too busy with actually running a business and serving our clients.

What most people fail to realize (and we fail to lead by example) is that blogging can be a great way to drive in new business! It can build an audience of people who are interested about a topic and drive search engine optimization results to your site.

You can easily get started with your own blog (for free) by using something like or

The better solution, however, is to integrate a blog directly into your website. You can call it news, information section, or something else if you prefer not to use the blog term for some reason.

An integrated blog (like what you are reading now) fits right in with a website, keeps your brand consistent, and helps with your search engine optimization.

There are not a ton of business’ here in St. Augustine or Jacksonville currently blogging, but it’s a growing trend.

We are going to try and do a better job of leading by example and will let you know what the results are.

Stay tuned here for more news, ideas, and tips. If you have questions, or would like to see info on a specific topic, leave us a comment below!

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