A Closer Look at Super Bowl Ads: Are Do-It-Yourself Websites Your Best Option?

Even Americans who could care less about football seem happy to get together for a Super Bowl party. Part of it is just good food, friends, and conversation. But many people pay more attention to the half time show and the ads than the actual game. There’s really not another television event that inspires people to WANT to watch and comment on the commercials. If anything, we all look for ways to skip them for any other event or show.

One thing that stood out to us last night was the three separate companies that invested millions to run a Super Bowl ad for “do-it-yourself” website services. These services promote an easy way to get online quickly. It really is amazing how much easier it is to put together a decent looking website yourself than it was a few years ago. But is it enough?

Here are some of the things services like this do well:

  1. Keep Budget Low – they’re all very affordable.
  2. Quick Turn Around – you can often have something online within a day or so.

But are you missing out by using a DIY service like this for your website?

Building a website by yourself means you need to:

  • Source or create all of the content
  • Take all of the pictures
  • Find or produce all of the videos
  • Understand landing page optimization and conversion rates
  • Have a strategy for search engine optimization
  • Have a clear vision for how users interact with the site on multiple platforms,
  • And have a plan to track analytics for future improvements—Just to name a few things.

One of the big advantages a digital agency like ours brings to the table is the ability to provide a comprehensive plan, produce high-quality content (photos, videos, & written), and create a clear path to accomplish specific goals for a project.

If you’re just starting out, testing an idea, and don’t have the capital to seek professional help, DIY services can be a great starting point. But if you’re looking for the complete package to help position your idea, brand, company, or organization in the best light possible, an experienced digital agency can provide a much more successful website to accomplish your specific goals.

If you’re ready to take your website and marketing services to the next level, contact us at Design Extensions today and set up a no-cost consultation to learn more.

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